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"I'm a wealth manager and I know how the mortgage business works – or at least I thought I did. Finworth exceeded my expectations on rates, service, and most importantly on finding the right mortgage product for my financial picture."

A.M. – Brentwood, TN

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Over the years, the mortgage process has become unnecessarily opaque and complex. A lender goes through the process many times each week but a consumer may go through the process once every few years. This disequilibrium of experience creates opportunity for confusion and abuse. We believe part of our job is to demystify the process, to explain the steps and the parties involved, and help our clients understand precisely what it being proposed. Ask us. We will welcome your questions and we will be honored to explain. When everyone understands the transaction, it is the intersection of good business and common sense. After all, we want your referral one day too!


A good loan is one that makes sense for the borrower and the lender. It is sustainable, it is sensible, and it is the only way we want to do business. Many mortgage companies in recent years compensated their loan officers strictly on commission. The more they could get away with charging you, the bigger their paycheck. Whether or not it was the right loan for you was unimportant. We are glad they are gone. We compensate our loan officers mainly on salary. They do not see you as a dollar sign. Doing a good job for you helps us get more business. That might be a little old fashion, but it is the most durable way to do business and it is what we choose to do.


No one ever strives to provide really terrible service! These days, it seems like saying you have ‘world class service’ is like saying you have a pulse. But we have earned our reputation and build our business on caring deeply about our clients and the reputation of our business. Customer service actually means something to us. We conduct business at your pace. Some clients like e-mail only. Some like us to communicate through an assistant. Others like to be called on their cell. Some like a courier to their home or front desk of their office. We provide a copy of your appraisal at closing without you having to ask. We try to complete preparations for closing well in advance so we can walk through numbers. In short, we treat clients the way we would want to be treated. Nothing special about that, but it is rare these days especially in the mortgage business.


Yes we can lend in every State. Yes, we are FHA approved. Yes, we have nearly every decent loan product under the sun. Yes, all these things make us competitive. Another ‘oooh and ahhhh’ factor, there are very few companies our size with such a massive geographic footprint and such a complete set of products. But we are not enamored with it. Most of it is just marketing fluff. We care about having a commanding and thorough knowledge of our craft. Ask your typical mortgage company to explain the finer points of a promissory note or an issue with title – the silence will be deafening. It is no secret the mortgage market is in a mess. We pride ourselves on being the rock of experience and the voice of knowledge in the storm. We would much rather be great than huge. Just because excellence is rare in the mortgage world does not mean you deserve any less.