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"One of the biggest challenges to buying our vacation place in WaterColor was getting a good mortgage.  Finworth got us a great rate and their people took care of literally all the details. Thanks!"

A.F. – Lives in The Woodlands, TX; Vacation home in WaterColor, FL

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One of our proudest spots on the site. After months of work, InsBank acquired Finworth Mortgage July 1, 2008. How do you say it? ‘N’s Bank.’ A short and efficient name, a no-nonsense name, a modern name. Just like the bank. Here’s why we came together. InsBank is a State Chartered Bank in Tennessee catering to high end business clients and their owners. Notice we did not say snobby. Their clients are a bright and sensible group of people who want a great relationship with a bright and sensible group of bankers. InsBank is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. They utilize technology very well. They are considered to be among the most stable banks in the region. They care deeply about quality. Sound familiar? The core philosophy of Finworth all along has been; transparency, alignment, world class service and peerless product knowledge. We get nearly all of our business from referrals. Well, InsBank is the same way. A marriage meant to be. We are deeply proud of our partners. You need a construction loan or a great commercial loan? InsBank. You need a great banking relationship for your business? InsBank. They even give you a small machine that sits on your desk into which you feed checks for deposits. Want another cool fact? If you are concerned that cash at your big bank is not safe because it is above the FDIC insured limit, InsBank can spread your CD deposits over hundreds of banks and protect up to $50 million with FDIC insurance. Of course at Finworth, we are not bankers. But it sure feels great to be working along side some of the very best in the business. Our goal is to be the highest quality mortgage department of any bank around. InsBank and Finworth together just makes good sense.

You can visit InsBank’s website here. But remember, you will be headed to an entirely different internet site – don’t forget to come back and visit us again!

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