The past year has seen unprecedented changes to the lending world. Fortunately for our enterprise, Finworth never relied on subprime options. As the mortgage industry has changed and lending requirements have tightened, Finworth has continued to deliver economically sound solutions to its clients. As a correspondent lender, Finworth also offers quick loan turnaround times and competitive rates. During 2008, InsBank, a locally owned, state-chartered bank established in 2000, purchased Finworth Mortgage. Finworth Mortgage, LLC is a subsidiary of InsBank and continues to operate as a separate entity. Steve Curnutte, the founder of Finworth, continues in a consulting role with the company. Finworth is extremely proud to be a part of InsBank. Our partnership provides both the bank and Finworth additional options for their respective clients.


Back in the heyday of lending, we sounded a little boring with our slogan ‘Borrow Wisely.’ How things have changed! Through it all, our fundamentals have remained the same. First, clarity and transparency. We build trust by making certain our clients understand the costs, the options, and the process. Second, alignment. We compensate our loan officers mainly with salary, which aligns their interests with yours. Third, world class service. Cliché, yes, but nothing good ever happens unless your mortgage company calls you back, e-mails you back, takes the time to explain, and follows through on details. Fourth, product knowledge. In any of the 50 States, be it Conventional or FHA, we thoroughly understand our trade.

Our clients say it best...

"I'm a CPA and have strong banking relationships. When I was buying a new home, my agent convinced me to compare Finworth against my bank. Their rate was better, their fees were lower, and it was simply the best mortgage experience I've ever had. These folks are real professionals."

B.A. – Murfreesboro, TN

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