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Receive a higher interest rate for your money with a Finworth®
Money Market Account. Discover the best way to optimize your savings and create a personalized plan for your future.

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High Yield Personal Money Market

Interest Rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
<$10,000 0.05% 0.05%
$10,000 - $74,999.99 0.15% 0.15%
$75,000 - $249,999.99 0.35% 0.35%
$250,000 - $499,999.99 0.45% 0.45%
$500,000 and above 0.58% 0.58%

*Annual Percentage Yield accurate as of 05-23-2024. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice. During any statement cycle, a total of up to six (6) withdrawals or transfers to another account of yours or to a third party by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer or telephone order or instruction, computer transfer, or by check, draft, debit card or similar order to a third party. The $10 monthly service charge is waived if daily balance remains equal to or greater than $2,500.00 during the full statement cycle on High Yield Personal Money Market accounts. The Private Client Money Market does not carry a service charge. Interest is calculated using the daily balance method on all accounts. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day.

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A Finworth®
Money Market account is the perfect blend of a checking and savings account — earn interest while still having access to your funds. It’s a great solution to attain short and long term savings goals.